Monday, February 3, 2014

Hands Monument

  When we were in LadySmith the only tourist attraction we plan to see before we left town was the Hands Monument or Burgher Monument.  LadySmith is the center of the Boar Wars and you can see reinactments of the battles.  The Hands Monument is several large cupped hands pointing to the different battle fields.  Your can google it if your interested.  So we drive the 1.5K rugged road to the top of the hill only to see a wired fence across the entrance, but it also had a step ladder over the top of the fencing so we thought we'd climb it and walk the rest of the way. There were no cars, and no people anywhere to be seen.  Just as we were climbing over the fence with our cameras a herd of antelope crossed in front of us followed by a round of gun fire.  We paused to decide what we should do next when another round of gun fire went off, so we decided to go back to our car and try it again the next time we are in town. 

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