Friday, April 24, 2015

Monkey Business

Suddenly, as I'm sitting on my deck eating breakfast I look out and see the trees rustling in the forest.  The trees sway back and forth and move like an ocean wave towards the fence that seperates the forest from the apartments.  Then at the top of a swinging tree branch I see two baby vervet monkeys peering at me.  I know they are eyeing  my piece of toast.  At a closer glance more and more monkeys start to appear and make their way over the fence.  I know what happens next, I've seen it happen over and over again.  They'll search the apartments looking for an open sliding door and raid the house of food, clothing and even toothbrushes. Time for me to slip inside and lock my doors!

View from my deck

                               Crossing over the fence into the apartment complex

Family Home Evening Senior Couple Style

Having fun tying blankets for FHE

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Family Home Evening in Lesotho

Lesotho is a small country inside of Africa.  They have a seperate king and government.  It is one of the areas we serve.  Brother and Sister Moorosi and their family are faithful members of the church.
Sister Moorosi said they are probably the only family in Lesotho that own UNO cards.  The missionaries gave them to their family and they play at least once a week.

A very swwet family we have come to know in the country Lesotho.

Training in Bloemfontein

We had a very successful trip to Bloemfontein for a council and training with the Public Affairs team.  They are well organized and anxious to move forward with activities.  We are looking forward to posting great stories from their area.  

Movie Day

Elder Cinquini and I went to an neighborhood orphanage in Umlazi to show the movie FROZEN to the children.  We were told there would be 20 - 25 children, so I prepared peanut butter and jam sandwiches with organges for a light lunch.  Well, 52 children came and we had enough for all to eat and to spare!  The children were so sweet and good the entire movie.  It really was a treat for us to spend time with them.
Phindle and her team of helpers

As they came into the small brick house they took off their shoes

Waiting for the shoe to begin

Everyone squeezed together for the movie