Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ukhozi FM Delegation

We have been working for several months to send this delegation to Salt Lake City, Utah.  They are learning all about the Church and the welfare system.  They work at the largest radio station in South Africa. My daughter Sarah met them when she visited us in Africa.  It has been a positive experience for all involved. Starting on the left is Zamo Mchunu who works for the Premiers office, next  is Sipho Duma the Public Affairs director for Hillcrest and next to him is Bishop Graham Sabela.  Bishop is holding a picture of "Kansas City" a radio presenter who loved the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  He played it every day when he went off the air and only wanted the choir played at his funeral. Next is Sibusiso Buthelezi,and Mroza Buthelezi (they are not married) both are presenters at the station and on the end is Bonga Mpanza, General Manager.  We are so excited for them and know they will come away with a better understanding of the Church and the great service it gives throughout the world to better lives and bring souls closer to God.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ezakheni, South Africa

This is Sister Thembi Zwane and her ten children.  She is a single mom with two children of her own,and is raising four nieces and nephews and four orphans. She also has an invalid Uncle that lives in her garage.  She has really touched my heart with her friendly personality. It's hard to believe she's been a member for only two years.  She said the gospel has changed her life. I'll post her full story when I'm done writing it.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Cape Town, South Africa

We had 1/2 day to be tourist before our plane left to go back to Durban.  I definitely want to go back and explore the area some more.  Here are a few pictures that hopefully catch some of its beautiful.
Evening look over the ocean at Signal Hill

This is Table Top Mountain.  At night the clouds cover the top and drape over the sides and it looks like a tablecloth on the mountain.

It really is a beautiful, clean city.  Many people come to Cape Town to surf. We understand that a lot of foreigners own condos along the beach fronts.

We enjoyed their music so of course we bought their CD

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

East London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town

First, we traveled to East London. A lovely coastal town, 1hr. flight South of Durban. Our hotel was just a block from the beach but we didn't have time to enjoy it.  On the left is President van Heerden who was a Bishop and now serves in the Stake Presidency, next to him is Gary Human the PA Director.  Brother Human is an employee of the church teaching seminary and institute. He is a wonderful choice for Public Affairs, we look forward to working more with him in the future.

Saturday morning we drove to Port Elizabeth with Robert O'Friel the National PA Director.  Starting from the left; President Paul van Thiel, 2nd Counselor in Stake Presidency, Sister Cinquini, Sister Mdidimba, Andile Khanti, Stake High Councilor over PA, Elder Cinquini
Most of our contact has been with Khanti. He and his wife have one little girl and a child on the way.  Both President van Thiel and Brother Khanti were recently interviewed  on a television station to express their beliefs. We were able to watch the tape and they did a remarkable job in front of the cameras.  The station has aired the program several times since the first broadcasting.

Robert O'Friel, ANdre du Plessis, Andrew Herbert, President Kruger, Larry Calver, Neil Slater,
 Tim Sanders, President Holmes 
After our training in Port Elizabeth we drove to the airport for a 1hr. 20 min. flight to Cape Town.Once we got our car Brother O'Friel (good traveling buddy) took us down to the Wharf to have dinner. On Sunday after two sacrament meetings we had lunch and returned to the Stake Center to council with these brethren about Public Affairs.  Sunday evening Brother O'Friel drove us to Signal Hill to see the city lights and on the one side of the hill was a view of the ocean.

Bloemfontein Family History Fair

Sister Mabahlakoane Mapetla from Maseru Branch in Lesotho has been a member for 13 years.  She admits to being a stubborn lady, so when her previous church told her not to listen to the Mormon missionaries she decided to invite them to dinner.  Her former church taught that Elijah had not come, but the elder missionaries said Elijah did come to Joseph Smith and brought keys.  She thought that she would steal the keys away from the missionaries and take them back to her old church.  Next time she met with the missionaries she asked them "Where do you keep those keys?"  The missionaries gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read the book and pray and she would discover them.  Shortly after she was baptized and went to the Temple. "I felt the greatest love for my family, I will do what I have to do to join us together."  Sister Mapetla's current calling in the Church is to teach Family History and Temple work.  She has done the work in the Johannesburg Temple for 45 of her ancestors.
Sister Mapetla is from a country inside South Africa called Lesotho. She is wearing a traditional blanket with a large pin in front to hold it together.  The colors and design on the blanket depict a tribe.  Elder Cinquini and I saw dozens of herdsmen in the fields wearing these blankets.  I chose a red and black blanket to purchase.  
We left Bloemfontein Monday morning on our way to Johannesburg.  On the way we hit a DLA (deer like animal).  At first we thought there was no damaged, it didn't even dent the car.  About 1/2 down the road our car stopped.  To make a long story short we sat on the side of the road for six hours waiting for a tow truck that kept promising they would be there any minute.  When the sun started to go down I began to get worried because it didn't feel safe.  I had the number of the unit leader  in the area of Kroonstad.  Brother Paul Nohnagel came to pick us up within 20 minutes.  Just as he arrived so did the tow truck.  Brother Paul took us to his home and he and his wife kept us for the night.  We had a good time visiting with them and made some new friends.