Friday, May 30, 2014

Public Affairs Training

One of our responsibilities is to provide training for newly called Public Affairs councils.  We have the opportunity to explain the reason for Public Affairs and the importance it plays in helping bring the church out of obscurity in South Africa.  We help the priesthood leaders build relationships with key people in the community, so that the church will be known, trusted, and befriended. These new friends of the church will hopefully defend and endorse the church so it will be free to grow in South Africa.
 This was an approximately a three hour training held on a Sunday afternoon at the Brea Stake Center.  Pictured from left to right is Siboongiseni Hlongwane, Zanele Hlongwane and Robert O'Friel.  Brother Robert is the National Director of Public Affairs, he lives in the Johannesburg area and was recently released as the Stake President.  He added a great deal to our  discussions providing important insights to the training.
These are church members who are involved with Public Affairs in different capacities.  Front left picture is Sipho Duma the PA director of the Hillcrest Stake.  Elder Cinquini and I are working closely with him to send a delegation from Ukhozi FM and the Premier's office to Salt Lake City, Utah.  The purpose of the trip is to help them be better acquainted with our faith.  Also, the Premier's office will be visiting church farms and tour our welfare facilities.
It has been a pleasure to work with Sipho.

Friday, May 23, 2014

American Spy?

We have moved into our new flat and I'm sure we are the oldest couple here, plus we are the only Americans. Our place is so small we use the deck for our dinning area. Now, I catch Elder 
Cinquini looking through his binoculars and the neighbors are probably suspicious of our intentions. 
Hope they ask,we'd be happy to tell them why we are in South Africa. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day in South Africa

On Mother's Day we attended Stake Conference and afterwards four Elders came over to Skype their families.  One Elder asked if he could cook for us.  Ed was happy because he got out of cooking. It was a pleasant day. We feed the monkeys, played skum, had a nice dinner, took pictures, everyone talked to family, and the boys were proud of themselves because they didn't cry in front of their mothers (almost though).  They kept me busy with their stories and so I didn't feel sorry for myself not being able to be at home. 

Stuffed green peppers  Ina crockpot with his special African sauce. Very good!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Girls Camp 2014

  Elder Cinquini and I went to Girls Camp and taught the first year girls.  We enjoyed ourselves very much, the girls were wonderful.  I could post 100 pictures of their beautiful faces!  Each day the girls divided into groups, read scriptures together and had a gospel discussion.  I was very impressed with their thoughts as they taught each other spiritual messages from the scriptures.  
  The camp was two and a half days long, which was just right for us old folks.  On the second day we walked to the beach (which fulfilled their hiking requirement), and spent four hours playing games and enjoying the beautiful day (which fulfilled their requirement for nature observance).  Everything is done on a smaller scale then in the states, but they had a great time.  They also had a talent show and a "cook off".  Elder Cinquini and I were two of the four judges and it was very hard to choose because frankly everything was very good.  They made Bunnychow, Curry dish, hamburgers, wraps, rice and shrimp, chicken, and more, YUM! We made a 20 minute movie for all the wards to show at their next activity.  Elder Cinquini put some fun music to the video.

Like I said, I could post 100 pictures.  What was really fun was this weekend was stake conference and we saw several of the girls who came up to us and gave us big hugs.  We hope they invite us back next year.