Friday, May 30, 2014

Public Affairs Training

One of our responsibilities is to provide training for newly called Public Affairs councils.  We have the opportunity to explain the reason for Public Affairs and the importance it plays in helping bring the church out of obscurity in South Africa.  We help the priesthood leaders build relationships with key people in the community, so that the church will be known, trusted, and befriended. These new friends of the church will hopefully defend and endorse the church so it will be free to grow in South Africa.
 This was an approximately a three hour training held on a Sunday afternoon at the Brea Stake Center.  Pictured from left to right is Siboongiseni Hlongwane, Zanele Hlongwane and Robert O'Friel.  Brother Robert is the National Director of Public Affairs, he lives in the Johannesburg area and was recently released as the Stake President.  He added a great deal to our  discussions providing important insights to the training.
These are church members who are involved with Public Affairs in different capacities.  Front left picture is Sipho Duma the PA director of the Hillcrest Stake.  Elder Cinquini and I are working closely with him to send a delegation from Ukhozi FM and the Premier's office to Salt Lake City, Utah.  The purpose of the trip is to help them be better acquainted with our faith.  Also, the Premier's office will be visiting church farms and tour our welfare facilities.
It has been a pleasure to work with Sipho.

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