Sunday, May 11, 2014

Girls Camp 2014

  Elder Cinquini and I went to Girls Camp and taught the first year girls.  We enjoyed ourselves very much, the girls were wonderful.  I could post 100 pictures of their beautiful faces!  Each day the girls divided into groups, read scriptures together and had a gospel discussion.  I was very impressed with their thoughts as they taught each other spiritual messages from the scriptures.  
  The camp was two and a half days long, which was just right for us old folks.  On the second day we walked to the beach (which fulfilled their hiking requirement), and spent four hours playing games and enjoying the beautiful day (which fulfilled their requirement for nature observance).  Everything is done on a smaller scale then in the states, but they had a great time.  They also had a talent show and a "cook off".  Elder Cinquini and I were two of the four judges and it was very hard to choose because frankly everything was very good.  They made Bunnychow, Curry dish, hamburgers, wraps, rice and shrimp, chicken, and more, YUM! We made a 20 minute movie for all the wards to show at their next activity.  Elder Cinquini put some fun music to the video.

Like I said, I could post 100 pictures.  What was really fun was this weekend was stake conference and we saw several of the girls who came up to us and gave us big hugs.  We hope they invite us back next year.

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