Wednesday, July 2, 2014

East London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town

First, we traveled to East London. A lovely coastal town, 1hr. flight South of Durban. Our hotel was just a block from the beach but we didn't have time to enjoy it.  On the left is President van Heerden who was a Bishop and now serves in the Stake Presidency, next to him is Gary Human the PA Director.  Brother Human is an employee of the church teaching seminary and institute. He is a wonderful choice for Public Affairs, we look forward to working more with him in the future.

Saturday morning we drove to Port Elizabeth with Robert O'Friel the National PA Director.  Starting from the left; President Paul van Thiel, 2nd Counselor in Stake Presidency, Sister Cinquini, Sister Mdidimba, Andile Khanti, Stake High Councilor over PA, Elder Cinquini
Most of our contact has been with Khanti. He and his wife have one little girl and a child on the way.  Both President van Thiel and Brother Khanti were recently interviewed  on a television station to express their beliefs. We were able to watch the tape and they did a remarkable job in front of the cameras.  The station has aired the program several times since the first broadcasting.

Robert O'Friel, ANdre du Plessis, Andrew Herbert, President Kruger, Larry Calver, Neil Slater,
 Tim Sanders, President Holmes 
After our training in Port Elizabeth we drove to the airport for a 1hr. 20 min. flight to Cape Town.Once we got our car Brother O'Friel (good traveling buddy) took us down to the Wharf to have dinner. On Sunday after two sacrament meetings we had lunch and returned to the Stake Center to council with these brethren about Public Affairs.  Sunday evening Brother O'Friel drove us to Signal Hill to see the city lights and on the one side of the hill was a view of the ocean.

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