Thursday, June 19, 2014


We are very proud of Zanele Hlongwae and her dedication to her non-profit organization M.I.Y.O.  Her focus is on families and children in the community, and preparing them for life after grade twelve.  Recently she held an event in the rural area where nearly 100 people came to listen to various speakers that included a Social Worker, Radio Contributor, Women Entrepreneur and two speakers from the Department of Education.  They all spoke Zulu, so Ed and I didn't understand anything but we could feel by the audiences reaction that they received the messages with enthusiasm.  I also took my first taxi ride.  Ed was wondering how no one on the street was killed. We look forward to more of her events because they are centered around the gospel principal of families.
Both these gentlemen spoke about education and the importance that parents be involved with their children's education.  The only reason I know that is because we spoke with them before the event started:)

These beautiful ladies all spoke at the event.

There were a few goats who came to the event too.

These are the ladies from the ward who helped Zanele throughout the day.

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