Thursday, November 27, 2014

Nono and Joe

One day we were on our morning walk and we stopped to talk to a friendly young couple on the street.  After several months of saying hi to eachother Ed and I  invited them to dinner at our flat.  We had an fun evening getting to know eachother and playing games.  After Nono had her baby we took them dinner.  They have been so enjoyable and we feel a connection to them.  The baby's name is Gabrielle.  They are not South African, but came here in hopes of finding work.  Nono  is educated and has a good job as a pharmacy technician, Joe is looking for work.  They live in a two room flat with no stove or microwave.  They are happy and healthy, but have very little in the way of material goods.  I know Joe worries about providing for his family, but he has a deep faith that God will provide for them. I get a sad feeling in my stomach when I think about saying goodbye to some of the people we have grown to love here.

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