Friday, May 15, 2015

Nono and Joe

Nono and Joe are a young couple we have been fellowshipping.  We first met them nearly a year ago when Nono was expecting Gabreilla.  Joe is originally from Malawi and grew up Muslim, but hasn't practiced it for years.  Nono grew up in a Christian family.  One day they were visiting us and finally I said, "Joe you just need to take the discussion and find out what we believe."  They both agreed and started taking the missionary discussions and loved it.  The first time they visited church it was testimony meeting and Nono stood up and said she wanted to become a member.

They are a very special family to us.  Because we have left Durban and now live in Jo-burg we have turned this lovely family over to another senior couple to nuture them and help them feel welcomed.

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