Monday, June 8, 2015


We are enjoying our time in the Congo. The church members are taking good care of us.. Most everyone speaks French so we have an interriptuer.  We visited government officials involved with the All African Games and gave some training on Helping Hands.  The mission President took us to a very nice restaurant last night and tonight we  are taking some new friends to a nice restaurant. We are stuck in the hotel during the day because some students shot into the air and are protesting because the are upset that final exams have been postponed because of corruption. We are not concerned, we've heard it is isolated and things should be back to normal by tonight. Congo is known to be a safe place to visit, they say you can leave your car running as you go into the store and it will be there when you come back. 

On the left is Laurent, the NPAD and brother Vianney our interrupter  

Republic of Congo is French speaking. It has caused some difficulty but 
We enjoy the people and their love for the church. 

View from our hotel

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