Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day Three

Day Three we returned to Phuthaditjhaba for a conference with both Phutha and Bethlehem branches.  It was soo hot in the chapel that President Z had us move our chairs into the hallway for our last meeting where there was a nice breeze coming from the open front door. That's what I love about small branches the flexibility of the people.

After all the meetings Elder Cinquini and I stayed for the baptism of three new members.   Then we started our three hour journey West to Ladysmith.
As you can see these are large hallways.  We were able to set up five chairs across and still have an aisle.  It was so much more comfortable then the chapel even with it's ceiling fans.  There is no heating or airconditioning in the building.

Elder and Sister Anderson the senior couple assigned to this area.  They will be going home in two weeks and there is no one to replace them.  The people here rely on them so much.  WE NEED MORE SENIOR COUPLES!

Members visiting after church


Missionaries serving in Phutha

Three people were Baptized on Sunday after church

I love this font because it is so different from what I'm use to seeing.

                               Good Bye Phuthaditjhaba!
 I wish I could post all by picture, but there are way too many.  The two young men and one sister that were baptized bore their testimonies of the gospel afterwards and I wish you could have heard them.  It was like no other testimonies from new converts that I have ever heard.  The tears were flowing freely and my heart was full. They will be a great addition to the branch. 

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