Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day Two

On day two we had another great breakfast (good thing because the rest of they day we barely ate).  We met Elder & Sister Anderson (the MLS couple) at Pick n Pay to pick up the fresh baked rolls to take to Phuthaditjhaba.  She asked them the day before to have them ready at 8:45am.  Well.... we waited and waited and waited and finally at 9:30am we discovered they were still rising and wouldn't be ready for another 50 minutes.  Elder Anderson said sorry we cant wait we were supoose to leave town at 9:00 am, so we picked up what bread they had already sitting out and went on our way. 

Once we arrived we were all busy setting up displays, video equipment and preparing food.  This building was once an old Super Market and the church remodeled the entire building which now has 8 classrooms, kitchen, clerks office, bishop's office, chapel and baptismal font.  The members were moving from place to place to hold there meetings and were so excited to finally have a place of their own.  Everyone was helping it was so nice to see the members so involved.

They calculated there was 80 to 90 guest who came throughout the day to tour the building.  The day was very successful and it lifted the Saints to be able to share there new meeting house with others.

Sister in the middle is an investigator who is being baptized on Sunday.
The Young Women on the right has been a member for two months. She loves the church and invited her mother to the Open House.
Khaya Zuma on the left was the first Branch President. When he started there were only eight members.  President SidneyThusi on the right, is the current Branch President with a membeship of 80 Saints. 

The children are lined up to get a treat from the kitchen.

Here we are with Dominic Tshabalala  the National Director of Public Affairs.  They drove from Joburg to be at the Open House.  We enjoyed meeting him and his family.


Ed and Dominic are enjoying a discussion and the baby is enjoying Ed's tie.

Mission President Zackrison is explaining the programs of the church to the principal of a school where the members once met for meetings.

We feel so blessed to be a part of this Open House event.


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