Thursday, August 21, 2014

Couples Night Out

The senior couples went to dinner at the Revolving Restaurant (similar to the Space Needle) to welcome a new couple that just arrived.  I heard that 40% of couples called to Africa turn it down, but 80% who have been on a mission to Africa will return if they go on another mission. Most turn down the mission for fear of coming to a wild untamed country.   It's interesting what fear or the unknown can do to a person.  The first two months we were here, we made sure we were home before dark, now we come and go whenever we please.  I can see how fear can stop progression in a persons life or hold them back from their potential. I'm learning and growing just like the young missionaries.  Sometimes that's good and some days it's hard.   Elder Cinquini and I are doing our best, but one thing for sure, we have been so blessed to be here and met such wonderful people.

 Eating dinner at the Revolving Restaurant.  This is our view of the city.

That's Ed's steak in the background.  The best he's had in South Africa.

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