Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mother of Peace Orphanage

We visited the Orphanage, Mother of Peace, about 30 miles from Durban.  One of the senior couples had their family visiting from America and they had a granddaughter, along with family and friends, that made 68 hand sewn stuffed animals. Along with the stuffed animals she wrote stories that gave a particular uplifting message.  The children live in family groups with a full-time house mother. They take the children from birth to 18 years old.  At eighteen they help them get jobs before they leave.  I was impressed with the clean environment though very modest.  Lots of room on the property to run and play.  The children come to the orphanage if they have lost their parents or are abandoned by parents who are unable to care for them.  Some of the children suffer illnesses such as HIV. Lots of different organizations contribute and volunteer their time.  An Irish group came and built some of the houses the children live in.  The area looks like a little neighborhood.  Everyone works together to create a family oriented lifestyle for the children.  It brings home the message, "It takes a village".

Elder and Sister Poelman and their family 

This particular home has seven children plus the house mother. 

Elder Cinquini playing with the children

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