Wednesday, December 3, 2014

1000 Hills Community Helpers Center

We had a wonderful day at 1000 Hills Community Helpers.  Elder Cinquini and I asked two sisters, Lauren Cunningham and Gladys Wilford to accompany us.  In 2008 when Gladys was the Stake Relief Society President she had done some volunteer work at the Center. Dawn Leppan is the Founder who started 1000 HCH, to improve the lives of children and adults infected by chronic illnesses such as HIV/Aids, TB, Hepatitis, and Cancer. We were so impressed what she has accomplished in such a short time. Gladys was in tears to see all the changes since the last time she visited.  Dawn has been able to secure several sponsors that have supported her cause and the results have been amazing. They have a free health clinic, pre-school (many are orphans), skills classes, kitchen that supplies two meals a day for anyone,  library and more. Most workers are volunteers. We were happy to be able to donate a few needed items to the clinic.
Dawn Leppan and friend

The day we visited was new baby clinic day

Kitchen volunteers

Patients waiting for clinic and breakfast to be served,

The grannys make these dolls to sell in the store to help support themselves. I bought four @ $2.50 each.

We donated some New Born Kits and baby quilts.

There were 100 + childern  of differents ages.  This group sang to us in English and Zulu. 

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