Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Community Soup Kitchen

We visited a community soup kitchen called Enhlanhleni Isibani Sezwe. They serve two meals a day, five days a week to mostly people with HIV/Aids, TBvirus, or elderly residents in the area.  They serve roughly 1000 meals a week. There is no water or electricity, they cook on a big propane burner. The children come with a plastic container and take it home to eat. The day we visited, there was rice and beef (insides of the beef), still it was protein.  The governement pays for two employees to run the soup kitchen.  They both receive R2000.00 a month which is
$200.00. They work very hard trying to get donations of food and propane.  They also provide a day school for smaller children. It was tough to see the situation here.

Older girls were entertaining the children while waiting for the food to get done

Around 100 people came to get food for dinner.  At breakfast they served around 80 children

As they are called the children bring their plastic containers to be served

Little cutie came with her brother to the soup kitchen

They have no water or electricy.  This is how they cook the meal.

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