Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Church Presence in Rwanda

It was such a pleasure to meet members of the church at 3 branches in Rwanda.  If you are visiting they treat you like a Rock Star!  The church rents 3 beautiful houses to use for meeting house.
We walked to church from our hotel.  You can see how clean it looks.  

This building has ample room for church meetings. All three meeting houses are similar to this one.

This young sister was baptized the Sunday we visited.

We loved this beautiful outdoor font

Relief Society in Kagali Rwanda.  Some of these sisers are newly baptised or non members investigating  the Church.

Primary Children

Missionaries serving in Rwanda
 In August 2009, LDS apostle Elder Jeffrey R. Holland dedicated Rwanda for missionary work. The church is young in Rwanda, but has wonderful members that are dedicated followers of Jesus Christ.  Elder Cinquini and I went to the park set high on a hill where Rwanda was dedicated for the preaching of the gospel.
Rwanda is known as the country of 1000 hills
This is the park where President Holland dedicated Rwanda and opened up the area for young missionaries to come and teach the gospel.

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