Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rwanda Hotel

On our visit to Rwanda the senior couple gave us a tour of Kagali.  One of our stops was the original Hotel Rwanda where 1000 Tutsi refugess were hidden from Hutu militia in 1994. The Refugees drank the water from the swimming pool to help them survivie.  The real name of the hotel is; Hotel des Mille Collines and is a beautiful functioning hotel today.
Although this conflict happened 20 years ago you can tell the genocide is still raw as they tell their stories of family and friends being murdered.  Many church members have their own stories of survival.  One member tells us he was about four years old and didn't remember his real name so they gave him a new name and birthdate of Janurary 1st.
We enjoyed a nice lunch with Elder and Sister Palmer at the Hotel des Mille Collines (Hotel Rwanda)

The swimming pool that helped save lives of refugees as they hide in closets and basement of the hotel. 

Very tatesfully decorated

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