Monday, November 25, 2013

We have been in the bush for 5 days and have enjoyed every minute of our stay.    Game drives are every morning and evening.  Every time we go out we see something new.  We've had a wonderful beginning to our mission, although it has felt more like a vacation so far.  I know the hard work is coming and we are anxious to get started.  We won't arrive in Durban until November 29th, and the Kyles will stay with us a few days for training, then they will go to Johannesburg to work.

We had Sunday meetings in the lodge and sat it recliner chairs.  We heard some wonderful stories from the Jensens, a PA couple from Kenya.  Sister Jensen told us a story about a sister who was in the elevator at church headquarters and President Monson got on the elevator and sang her a song.  Elder Hamilton   from the Seventy addressed us and bore his testimony. Brother Murdock provided our music on his harmonica.  In the afternoon we went on a game drive and saw a hippo, white lions, giraffes, and jackal.

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