Friday, November 29, 2013

Good-Bye Baobab Ridge

At the end of our conference Elder Hamilton addressed us again and said,"Unity is the precursor to revelation."  I know as Elder Cinquini and I stay united we will receive the revelation we need to do this work.

Tuesday evening we went on our last bush drive.  The sky was turning dark and it wasn't long before we were in the middle of a lightening storm with pouring down rain.  We were surrounded by thunder and lightening and I thought the driver would take us back to the lodge, but he kept on driving.  We were all soak and wet... but he kept on driving.  It ended up that we saw some amazing animals.  It was well worth the uncomfortable drive.  When we returned we had a hot shower and Sean had made two African stews in dutch ovens over the fire (that had a cover over it because of the storm).

Wednesday we left Baobab at 7:30 AM and returned to Johannesburg to attend the temple at 5:00 pm.   There was a couple going through the temple for the first time, all the Public Affairs missionaries went with them into the sealing room to witness  their sealing for time and all eternity.  They had a darling 4 year old boy with them.  I don't think they spoke much English, but they were all smiles and  seemed happy we were there.

Thursday we had Thanksgiving with several couples at the Area Presidencies home.  Afterward several Public Affairs couples went shopping at the mall because they were leaving the next day and needed some supplies they can't get in the Congo, or  Angola.  Next we went to the movie "A Long Walk to Freedom.  The story of Nelson Mandela.  I highly recommend it.  It was awesome to be in Johannesburg watching this movie knowing that these events happened right where I was staying.

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