Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Beautiful Drive

As you can see the six hour drive from Johannesburg to Durban was filled with beautiful landscapes. The time went quickly because we were so fascinated with everything we saw.  Our flat is larger then we expected with 3 bedrooms (one bedroom is our office), 2 1/2 baths, large living and dinning room. We are learning our way around the area.  We've discovered a shopping mall within walking distance with several restaurants and grocery stores.  The only thing its missing is a movie theater.  This is the rainy season which was a big surprise to us. It rains almost every day, but the air is thick and warm.  I find myself turning on the fan in the afternoon.  We've had some great experiences meeting the people. 

A few young missionaries we met at a zone conference. 

Elder Cinquini visiting with  Mission President Zackrison

 This is my Baobab Christmas tree. We were given the tree as a gift from our trip and I found little Christmas bulbs in he apartment left behind from the previous missionary couple.  The tree is most notable for its wide trunk and in the winter when the leaves have fallen the tree limbs look like a root system above the ground.  That is why it is sometimes called the" Upside down tree." Baboons, monkeys, elephants, eat the fruit of the tree which is high in vitamin C. 

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