Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Death of a Cockroach

Yesterday we killed our first giant size cockroach.  I'm convinced it was pregnant.  I first spotted it while we were in the office at night.  After I freaked out a bit, Ed tried to kill it with a fly swatter.  He stunned the thing for a bit, so I went to get some newspaper to dispose of the body.  All of a sudden it jumped back up on its feet and started to run.  Ed chased it around the office until he got a clear shot to swat it again with several merciless swats that stopped it in its tracks.  After we wrapped it in some newspaper I jumped on the newspaper several times to make sure it was dead.  We've read they can have their head cut off and live several days, also they can hold their breath for 40 minutes!  It's possible we have a problem here, so we are viligant in our lookout for evidence of their taking up residence in our flat.

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