Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day we invited several missionaries for dinner at 3:00pm. Most started to arrive around 4:00.  Some ate, some had already had their meal and wanted to Skype their family or friends. At one point I believe we had 10 missionaries here, but it was hard to count because they were upstairs, downstairs, outside or at the senior couples flat next door.  All and all I think they had a good time.  We enjoyed their company and the stories about their missions. Seems everyone has at least one cockroach story.  Three of the missionaries were going home in two days, they were excited but nervous at the same time.  I could tell their lives had been changed by their service in South Africa and the clear understanding they now have of the salvation of mankind.  I told them they would be talking about their missionary experiences for the rest of their lives.  
Kwamashu, Umlazi, Mpumalanga, Phuthaditjaba, it's amazing how these names are starting to roll off my tongue. These are names of wards and branches in the area. Here's a hint, the "h" is silent. 
We finally had to chase the boys out at 9:50 pm because I worried about them getting in trouble. 
This reminds me of what it looks like at Grandma T's house on Christmas Day!

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