Sunday, December 22, 2013

Missionary Christmas Party

  These missionaries are getting into the Christmas spirit. I dont know exactly what those things are hanging down from their christmas hats.
  1. Saturday we were invited to the missionary Christmas partySaturday we were invited to the missionary Christmas party. There were 85 missionaries including senior couples.  We sang Christmas songs, played games, and ate a wonderful meal with chicken, turkey and pork.  The boys were well fed .  They played a game where all the boys were given a new tie then sister Poelman read a story about Mr. and Mrs. Right.  If she said the word right they passed the tie to the right, if she said the word left they passed their tie to the left.  Well, she read it really fast and once in awhile someone would end of with two, three or four ties. When the story was finished you got to take home the tie.  Some of the ties were very nice and some were pretty interesting.

"Oops, how did I end up with two ties?"

Elder Norbert on the left is from Madagascar where they speak french.  He is learning English on his mission and is doing very well.  I thought his accent was easier to understand then some of the South African Elders.

Several of the Elders sang Silent Night in Zulu.  Their voices and harmony were very sweet and tender.  There are a total of 120 Elders in this mission.  Not everyone could come to the party because they live several hours away.  I helped the area office put together a small gift for the boys who did not get any Christmas packages from home.  They had a pair of socks, pen, toothbrush, rolos, yellow highligher and R150.00. The area office couples had written their families early in November and they donated money to help put these packages together.  Thank you to all my friends and family who took the time to send cards to some of the missionaries who do not get mail. The office was so happy this happened.  A special thank you to my friend Glenda who took the initative to take the list of names and hand them out at church.  It's so fun to get to know these young men.  I admire their dedication and obedience.

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