Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cricket Game

Today, Elder and Sister Sutherland took us to our first professional cricket game.  India and South Africa were playing.  Two very nice men were explaining the game to us the whole time.  I liked it because its a faster pace then American baseball.  This is a five day event providing the weather holds out.

South Africa and India are the top two teams in the world.  On this day, India won 186/1.  I know, I know, the scoring is crazy!  The umpire carries a light detector and if it falls below a certain number he stops the game.  It was about 4:00 pm and the sky was gray, when we suddenly saw the players leave the field.  The game was over for the day due to dimished light conditions.  The crowd hung around, nobody was in a hurry to rush home on such a lovely day. 

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  1. like your stories and pictures. Congratulations on the new grand son. Looks like Ed is wearing your hat at the cricket game. Love you guys