Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ottawa Shelter

A couple from the Phoenix Branch asked us to accompany them to an area of Ottawa where the people are in desperate need of tarps to cover their shelters before the rainy season.  The people pay the landowner R500 a month ($50.00) but must build their own shelters.  There are 60 shelters with 140 people including 25 children. The area has two community water taps and outhouse style toilets. One of the outhouses has no top on it. "when it rains", the mother said, "what's the use of the toilet, the children get soaking wet if they use the toilet or not." she has 4 daughters. Lolly, who showed us around the community, has lived there with her family for 10 years.  She said it is a good community and the people help each other.  One women earns R2 (20 Cents) by carrying water up the hill for the elderly folks, another women sews clothing that she sells for R20 ($2.00).

The Phoenix Branch held a HH project two years ago in the community.  At the time they provided tarps and built a latrine, but they were quickly overwhelmed and unable to complete the needed help for the community.  The men living in the community joined the Helping Hands  to help place the tarps on the rooftops of the homes. This community is 95% Indian population and 5% black.  The Phoenix area is predominately Indian.  During apartheid this area was designated to the Indian people. 

The goal is to send in a proposal to the Area Humanitarian to help with purchasing tarps for these people.  Thank you to everyone who pays their tithes and offerings that makes humanitarian work possibly throughout the world.

The rainy season is right around the corner and these people need tarps to keep themselves dry.

This lady makes and sells little girl skirts to earn extra money.  She only uses her electricity for sewing and cooking.

One of the shelters in the community

Some of the shelters have more then one room.  They use material draped on their walls to cover the wood and cardboard.

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