Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Radio Spot for the Church

Today we accompanied Bishop Magaqa to Ukhozi FM radio station as he presented topics on the church for a radio station in Durban, South Africa.  Ukhozi FM is the largest Zulu station in all of South Africa.  Below is the article we wrote for

Bishop Charles Magaqa of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Durban South Africa joined with Reverend Sabelo Mkhathini on Ukhozi FM radio’s “Ikhaya Methu” (Our Home) to present important family topics in today’s society. Bishop Magaqa, the Regional Coordinator of Seminary and Institute for KZN, spoke on two main subjects, The Family – A Proclamation to the World and Family Home Evening, a weekly program to strengthen families.
Rev. Mkhathini was impressed with the preparation of Bishop Magaqa.  His topic on marriage and family pointed a good way for people. He was most impressed when Bishop Magaqa pointed out the pillars of marriage such as praying together, respect, compassion, and forgiveness.
“I wanted to emphasize some selected themes,” said Bishop Magaqa. “That men and women are equal partners in marriage. I was trying to discount that one is above the other, I wanted people to know that men and women are on the same level.” 
Over the next several weeks, Bishop Magaqa will discuss topics that he feels will make a difference in people’s lives.
The program will begin airing every Thursday, beginning September 18, 10:30 pm on Ukhozi FM, 90.8.

The Family- A Proclamation to the World

Family Home Evening

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  1. Thank you for your blog. My son arrived as a missionary in Durban/Phoenix in August. I am learning so much through your blog :) I am grateful for your service.