Friday, September 12, 2014

Special Evening

Yesterday we drove to the airport to pick up two members of Ukhozi FM who were hosted in Johannesburg overnight.  They had a tour of the Area office and saw all the programs of the church, such as humanitarian, self-reliance, family history, and CES.  They toured the Temple grounds, met President Hamilton, and had lunch with some key people.  When we picked them up they were very happy with their experience.

When we dropped off Mr. Lindelani Ngema (Promotion manager for the station) he asked us if we would like to come inside and meet his family.  He lives with his wife, two daughters and a grandchild.  After we visited and laughed and got to know each other Mrs. Ngema served us cake and juice.  We were invited to stay for their family prayer.  I can't remember the name of the church they attend, but he said it was just around the corner from the Mormon Church in Umlazi W.  They passed out bibles and hymn books for everyone.  They sang the most beautiful, and I mean beautiful, Zulu hymn.  The whole family sang different parts and seriously they could have been on tv or radio.  One daughter read from the scriptures and the mother presented a message saying she knew it was God's timing that we should meet.  Mr. Ngema gave a closing prayer and it was one of the sweetest experiences that we will treasure from our mission.

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