Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bluff Ward

The mission president has asked us to attend the Bluff ward when we are in town.  Today was our first visit and we received a warm welcome.  At first glance is appears to be mostly blacks.  I saw four families that were white (mostly older people like us.). The Bishop looks young, he's been a member for seven years but looks very capable for the job. The church building is large but older.  We're excited to be able to set down some roots and call a ward our family. 

We just returned from our conference in Jo'burg and met some fantastic members from all over South East Africa.  Kenya, Swaziland, Congo, Zambia, Angola, Keya and Mozambique to mention a few.  At our work table alone there were five languages spoken.  Only one sister had an interpreter the rest spoke English. It is humbling to discover how much money the church pores into these countries to help  people better their lives no matter what their nationality or religion.  If you go to you can see a few of the projects the church focuses on.  Several times we have partnered with Red Cross and Catholic Charities.  Humanitarian goes where ever there is a need and has many different projects throughout the world.  These projects are funded by the members of the church who donate to humanitarian aid. 

We love being here and we love the people.  I understand better why  young missionaries spirituality grows so much while they are on their missions. It's nice to be able to devote your whole day to doing good works and talking about the Savior Jesus Christ.  You wittness a lot of sadness, yet the people are so humble and happy .  They are excited to be in the church and learn about the restoration of the gospel. They talk of God so naturally and are not afraid to speak out about their beliefs to anyone.  What a blessing to be here!

Our next trip is to Swaziland at the end of the month to follow the Humanitarian couple around as they make contacts at a hospital for neo-natal training of nurses.  The Eggetts will be leaving soon and wanted us to put names and faces together for the next Humanitarian couple that will follow them.   I've also heard there is good shopping there.  Love you all.

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