Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ezakheni Branch Visit

We drove to Ladybrand, picked up Nokuthula (her name means mother of peace), and stayed at an empty senior couples flat.  It was a pleasant three bedroom, nothing fancy. Nokuthula and Sarah are about the same age and both are interested in making a difference.  On Sunday we visited a small branch called Ezakheni where the members were very friendly.  Sarah was invited to a Sunday school class which she thought was the Youth group, but turned out to be the Young Single Adults.  They meet in a rented building, but in a couple of months they will have their own building. I couldn't help but smile when I saw the hose running through the chapel (never saw that before)  to the back of the room so they could fill the font for three baptism after church.

The third hour Sarah went to Primary to be with the children.  It was very croweded and very hot with no air conditioning.  

Primary children in Ezakheni Branch
The children love to have their picture taken.

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