Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ukhozi FM

Monday was Sarah's last day, but she was kind to follow Ed and I as we attended a meeting at Ukhozi FM regarding a delegation that is planning to travel to Salt Lake, UT in July to broadcast the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and meet with BYU students.  There was good engery in the room and afterwards they asked if some of our leaders would like to go "On the Air" for a few minutes.  Most of it was in Zulu, but the Mission President spoke, National Director, and Bishop Sabela.  They asked us not to post pictures from inside the radio studio, so I'm going to honor that until they give the OK, but it was fun to be there.  Sarah ended up taking notes for most of the meeting and then coming home and typing them up for Sipho the Public Affairs Director.  I was glad she was there to help. 

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  1. So glad Sarah could visit you! Your family is developing quite a connection with the African continent. I love your blog posts.