Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sarah's Visit

I was so happy to see Sarah! We had a really good time meeting people, shopping and exploring Durban.  Becauce we only had five days, it wasn't enough time to show her all the beautiful countryside however we did make it down to the beach twice.  I'm so proud of the work she is doing in Kenya, she truely loves the people and I know she will do a lot of good in that country. 
 We visited a great African market where we engaged in a lot of shopping. This sister has a shop there and directed us a fabric store and  a very tasty Indian restaurant for lunch.  The area isnt the safest, and every time we walked back onto the street she would check us to make sure we had our cell phones tucked away.  While shopping in one store we heard a rugus outside and saw someone being pulled down the street, but we didnt go investigate.
One evening we walked along the boardwalk at the beach.  Sarah and I stuck our toes in the water, but we noticed that no one was on the beach after dark so we didnt stay long.

  We got up early Saturday morning to have breakfast at the Shlongwane Farmers Market.  The missionaries are there with a booth talking to people about a new pamphlet "The Family" which encourages people to record their family history.  We told them we'd help them dress up the booth a bit, so we are working on getting them some new posters.

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