Thursday, March 27, 2014

Margate, South Africa

Two hours South of Durban is a small coastal town named Margate.  It was our second trip to visit the newly constructed chapel and help them prepare for an Open House this weekend.  The people are very friendly and welcoming.  Many people come to vacation at the beach in Margate and I can understand why because the landscape is so beautiful, with fresh air and blue, blue skies.  The members use to meet in a rented building, so they are very excited to have a new chapel.  They didn't meet all the regular criteria to have a new building, but the faithfulness, and obedience to tithe paying from the members has brought about this great gift.  Something else I noticed was that the building is kept very, very clean.  I mean really, really clean!  I know they are so proud (righteous pride of course) and grateful for receiving this blessing in their lives.  Elder Cinquini and I feel bad we will not be able to attend the Open House because we leave tomorrow for Swaziland to meet with the humanitarian couple about some projects they are starting in the area.

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