Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Church in Swaziland

We enjoyed our Sunday Service in Swaziland.  We were surprised how many young single adults attended church.  They've joined the church with an amazing love of God and a strong testimony that a Prophet lives today. Why arent they getting married I ask? They cannot afford the Labolla that is still a tradition throughout all of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. Many church leaders try to talk persuade parents to disregard or lessen the Labolla, but too many hold on to this tradition. While in Swaziland Jerome Shongwe our National Public Affairs Director gave me my Swazi name which is "Lomalanga" which means person of the sun.  I arrived in Swaziland on a sunny day, but I like to think that is also means I am a sunny, cheerful person. 
We visited Scott hospital who seemed very anxious to accept the Church's program of Helping Babies Breathe, which should happen in early fall if all paperwork can get completed and equipment sent in to South Africa.
This is what we take with us when we travel in order to hook up all our electronic devices.

Ezulwini Branch in Swaziland

Sisters in Swaziland studying their scriptures

Jerome Shongwe and his daughter



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