Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Couples Retreat

All the senior couples and the mission president went on a couples retreat. The first night we stayed at the Nambiti Game Reserve.  Our accomadations were tents, but Wow! I've never been tenting like this before! I never get tired of game drives.  The guides are so knowledgable and make it so interesting. Everytime we go out I learn something new.  It was the first time for some of the new couples and the bigger animals made them nervous.

This was so cute.

This was our tent!
When we returned from the game drive about 6:30pm we were cold and hungry.  The resort had a hot bath ready for us.

These are some of the senior couples.

Poachers hunt the Rhino for their horn. This reserve lost two so far this year and now cuts off the horn to discourage hunters. The horn grows back like a fingernail, however poachers kill them because they want to take more of the horn and want to get in and out quickly. It's a sad situation. Elder Ciqnuini and I are going on a Rhino capture in June where we will locate a Rhino and help put a chip in the horn.  Sean Donnely arranges three of these hunts every year. He and his wife both have a passion to save the Rhinos. 

 This lion was very agitated because his two brothers were coming down the hill to challenge him for his pride.  He was roaring and digging in the dirt.  He didn't pay any attention to us.  The guide noticed that all the other aniamals had left the area.  She was sure there was going to be a fight.  When they finally met up there was a small scuffle, but the two younger brothers decided to back off for now.  This lion came so close to us he brushed the side of the truck.


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