Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Family Booklet

The church has put out a booklet called "My Family".  It's to help people begin to record their family histories and encourage them to work on their geneology.  The missionaries in the Durban area are using it as a missionary tool and helping people discover their roots.  Today we interviewed two of our missionaries as they were showing some newly baptized young men how to use the website.  It is very difficult for black Africans to trace their family since it is usually an Elder in their village that keeps all the records in their head.  By getting them started on their family records they can begin to get this information written down.

Elder Faganello from Canada is showing an investigator the My Family booklet

Elder Faganello helping Sikhumbuzo who was baptized in August the website.

Elder Thale makes me laugh.  As he is posing for this picture he is actually saying all sorts of silly stuff, like someday you will have children and a beautiful wife .......


Elder Faganello who resides in Canada is serving a two year mission in the Durban area. “My family has been traced back to the 1600’s, said Faganello, “I am happy to pay it forward by helping others discover their ancestors.”  When asked how it made him feel to help people record their histories Elder Thali from Johannesburg says, “I am learning as well, it is awesome how people love to learn about their families. It is nice to see people of all ages doing this work.”

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