Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rugby Game

Today the senior couples went to a Rugby Game. The Durban team "Sharks" and the Free State team, "Cheetah's" were playing eachother here in Durban.   Rugby is part volleyball, part football, and part soccer.  It seems a bit hectic especially if you don't understand the rules. The Sharks beat the Cheetah's 18-8. Thousands of fans turned out.  The tickets are only $9.00 per person.  It was nice to see so many making it a family activity.  It makes me sad that in America tickets are so expensive to these types of events that people can't afford to go let alone take the whole family. We enjoyed the experience and I would consider going again.

They huddle and push eachother until someone comes out with the ball.

I thought this was interesting when they lift their team mate in the air.

Our missionary friends

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