Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Elder Cinquini's email to Sipho Duma

Sipho Duma said if the car made it to the gas station he was going to buy it.  Elder Cinquini reminded him in an email what he said and this is his response.

Dear Elder Cinquini,
Well, regarding your vehicle I realized that it wasn't really about the car but was faith behind the driver and his ability to drive economically.

At the time we absolutely knew that we had no fuel to travel further we noticed that we had to travel about 30KG to get to the fueling station the vehicle was giving no chance to travel even a kilometer but we traveled 30KM if not above.

I believe that this would have happened to any vehicle that would have been under your control at that time and on that note I am not going to buy the car but I appreciate the Miracle I observed on that day.

You can see why we enjoy being here!  We have really great people to work with.

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